Bicycle Touring and Other Outdoor Activities In Italy

Bicycle Touring and Other Outdoor Activities In Italy

Holidays in Italy are often considered the best and most worthwhile, if you have the opportunity to explore the country intensively. The limitless variety of regions in Italy gives a lot of opportunities for those, who are fond of active recreation. We advise you to rent a car at Catania Airport Fontanarossa and to start exploring, for example, Sicily and the whole country.

There are various types of active holidays in Italy- from water sports, hang glider gliding, rafting, walking along old trade or pilgrim routes, to winter sports such as mountaineering and free rock climbing.

Urban Bicycle Daily Tour

In Italy, there is a great number of opportunities for those, who are fond of sports. In accordance with this, in every region of Italy, you will find many different offers to have an active rest, which suits you best. Of course, you can entrust the entire organization of your holiday in this country to the tour operator, or plan everything on your own. Nowadays Italy is recognized as the country with developed hiking routes, which are popular among the holidaymakers. Therefore, new thematic tours, excursions on foot in various regions of Italy are actively developing. Much broader coverage was given to cycling in Italy. Trips on a bicycle start with common tours along the coast and reach opportunities to perform mountain biking tours professionally.

Italians like almost all kinds of sports games, where the game is played with the ball or, when a round shape is used in the sport. Moreover, on the beach or at the camping, Italians most often win in such games. The wheels are also round. Therefore, it is no surprise that, in addition to “Moto GP” and the Grand prix, motorcycle racing is also an active type of recreation in Italy. If you want peace and tranquility – they are inherent in golf.

Such mountains as the Dolomites, the Apennines and the Alps contribute to rapidly developing types active sports in Italy in winter. Skiing and snowboarding are associated with Italy as much as sailing, boating, surfing and diving in summer.

Bicycle Touring and Other Outdoor Activities In Italy

Active vacation in Italy can also be interesting for experienced sportsmen and fans of extreme sports. There are annual competitions: climbing in the mountains in winter, free mountaineering, canoeing and rafting, which are very popular now.

Bicycle touring in Italy

Italy is a truly perfect place for tourists who prefer to travel by bike. Here, there are many organizations, institutions, associations, which participate in solving various issues, related to cycling in Italy. Even after arriving in Italy, cyclists will be able to easily organize a bike trip through Italy. Moreover, in order to organize a perfect bicycle tour in Italy there is a large amount of cartographic materials. The network of bicycle paths in the country is well developed and constantly looked after.

For active recreation, and directly for a bicycle tour organization, it is better to come by train or an airplane to Italy and to specify whether there would be any problems with the transportation of your bicycle to the plane/train. Practice shows that most of the bicycle tourism fans are combining the plane flight with the trip by train. If you are planning to travel to an Italian island, we advise you to do it by a ferry. There would be no extra charge for bicycle transportation.

Having come to Italy it is necessary for you to decide what exactly you want to see in this amazing and unusually beautiful country, what places you want to visit and explore. Thousands of kilometers of roads in Italy are waiting for the tourists, along which endless expanses of fields, vineyards, mountains, rivers and lakes of amazing beauty, coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea, many historical and cultural values stretch.

Bicycle Touring and Other Outdoor Activities In Italy

Taken together, there are three groups of bicycle routes, which belong to the European bicycle tours’ network. The first runs through Italy and it is called the Mediterranean route. It stretches up to Athens from the city of Cadiz. The second way connects Rome and London, and the third route goes through the Central part of Europe. It starts from the North Cape, and then it runs through Italy and stretches to the island of Malta. Many tourists choose cycling tours along nature reserves and national parks of Italy, and prefer tours through the picturesque Italian routes, for example, along the numerous vineyard plantations, as well as other beautiful places.