Balding? Stop Fighting It And Shave It All Off!

Balding? Stop Fighting It And Shave It All Off!

Let’s face it, you’ve thought about it before. After receiving another butcher job from the barbershop, it might be time to take matters into your own hands and finish the job yourself.

Letting go of your ever-thinning hair to speed up the process can help end your misery. Or maybe you just simply don’t want to deal with hair anymore and all the upkeep that comes with it.

There’s one solution staring you in the face that you aren’t necessarily wanting to acknowledge: shave your head. Once you embrace the idea, you’ll realize that there are many benefits to shaving your head. Below are some that might sway your decision.

Saving Money

Shaving your head it a great way to save money. Imagine if you saved all the money you were going to spend on haircuts for the year, bought a pack of razors with that money, and pocketed the rest. You’d be pocketing a lot of money — over $400 a year as a matter of fact. With no hair, you would be spending half as much on shampoo and conditioner as you would with a full head of hair. Blowing money on expensive hair products that make promises but do nothing is a thing of the past. With no hair, you won’t need hair products.

Exude Confidence

Letting go of your thin or balding hair can give you your confidence back. Combat going bald by going bald — owning up to those insecurities will give you a whole new sense of confidence. Shaving your head will effectively end all balding quips, relinquishing you from being on the butt of every joke. Also, getting rid of that receding hairline or thinning hair will make you look younger and you’ll feel great. Many people find being bald interesting and attractive. Think about it, there’s a reason why Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and some of the most memorable celebrities are bald.

No More Bad Hair Days

Picture waking up and never having bed-head again. You can just get out of bed and take off, no combing and styling for a half an hour to get that cowlick to straighten out. Or never worrying about hat-hair again. You could wear any beanie, hat, or other headgear you wanted, whenever you wanted. Shaving your head means never paying for a haircut ever again. More importantly, never paying for a bad haircut ever again.


You’ve heard of, seen, or have been a witness to one of the most horrifying stories of school — Someone getting lice. Head lice live and thrive in hair and can lead to excessive itching, and possible bacterial infection. No hair equals no head lice. If head lice isn’t enough to gross you out, another problem can arise with a head of hair called smelly hair syndrome. Smelly hair syndrome is caused by a combination of hair oil, sweat, and dry scalp residue. The odor of which, has been described as “horrific.”

Baldness Goes Great With a Beard

If you are trying to grow a beard, but end up looking like a madman who just stumbled out of the woods., or maybe you’ve already shaved your head and you’re looking a bit more like an infant than a full grown man. Consider growing a beard. A beard is the perfect compliment to a bald head, and chances are that if you’re shaving your head because of thinning hair, you already have the capability to grow a killer beard. A beard can balance out and take the focus away from the top of your head.

Many times we tend to hold onto things that are deemed to be “safe” or “normal,”  and it’s easy to see why the choice would go against your better judgement. But in actuality, if you just let go, you’ll have the ability to see things in a different light.

The decision to shave your head is a big decision, and there are pros and cons to be considered. However, if you do decide to go ahead and shave your head, there is no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results, so it’s especially important that you go about the shaving process in the right way to avoid major regrets. But there is no denying the benefits of the freedoms you’ll gain and savings you’ll earn if you decide to go hair-free.