5 Ways to Make Travel Safer on a Budget

5 Ways to Make Travel Safer on a Budget

Safety while traveling is a concern for everyone who has jetted off to destinations unknown. There is a general belief that paying more money will guarantee you security when the opposite is true most of the time.


Dress Down

A well-dressed traveler is an easy mark. Criminals are always on the lookout for anyone who doesn’t fit the look of the local population. There are some things you cannot help, like your accent or native language. Dressing down means that most people looking to relieve tourists of their money will pass over you easily.


Take Public Transportation

Many travelers worry that taking public transit will make them the victim of pickpockets and opt instead for taxis or other more expensive means of travel. If you keep your hands in your pockets and your wits about you, riding public transportation is far preferable to a taxi. Taxi drivers often overcharge visitors and can be thieves themselves. 


Use Common Sense

This seems like it should be obvious but as they say, common sense isn’t common. When you are traveling, watch your drinks at the bar. Don’t wander into dark streets and don’t go anywhere with strangers. It can be tempting to flout some of these because you’re having a great time with new friends but you’re better safe than sorry in a new environment.


Don’t Buy the Brooklyn Bridge

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. If someone is offering you a deal or pushing you into a restaurant or bar, that’s the sign of a hustle. For example, there are some bars where a beautiful woman will ask you to buy her a drink. This drink might be charged in the hundreds when you receive the bill. 


Get Out

We are all raised to be polite and this can be detrimental. Even if you aren’t sure whether things are about to go wrong, it’s better to be rude now than dead later. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, find a way to excuse yourself. There’s no reason to let your sense of propriety overwhelm your safety.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t need to mean you sacrifice your security in your collisions with other cultures. If you keep a cool head and make sure to blend in with the crowd, you’ll take nothing home but good memories of your vacation. 



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