5 Tips for Redecorating Your Daughter’s Bedroom According to Her Style

When it comes time to redecorate your daughter’s bedroom, you probably have a lot of great ideas running through your head that will look absolutely darling. Moms know best, right?

But sometimes it’s better to let your child take the lead on projects like this. It’s her room and sanctuary, after all, so it’s important to incorporate a few of her ideas into the design. Here are some tips for redecorating according to her style and interests.

Shop for kids’ pillows

Throw pillows make perfect accents to any room’s decor. There are plenty of beautiful, sophisticated throw pillows to choose from, but maybe your daughter wants something that’s a little closer to her level.

Shop for kids pillows instead that feature designs of her favorite cartoon characters, changing-color sequins, funny sayings, and other designs she might be interested in. The pillows she chooses might not be your first choice, but they’ll be perfect for her individualized bedroom.

Make a mood board

Kids love making mood boards. Basically, it’s a collection of photos and tidbits that show who you are. Your daughter might include photos of her favorite celebrities, colors and fabrics she loves, images of decor she wants, and other clues that can help you create a cohesive room.

If she’s more interested in electronics than arts and crafts, ask her to make a Pinterest board with ideas for her bedroom. All these ideas will soon come together to make a room she’ll love.

Leave room for free expression

You probably want everything in the room to be well-coordinated and not too far distant from the decor in the rest of the house. However, there needs to be some opportunities for her to express herself.

Consider including a cork board, chalk board, white board, letter board, or another wall hanging where she can put up pictures, quotes, letters, and anything else of interest to her. You might also consider letting her choose a vibrant wallpaper or decal for an accent wall.

Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls make fantastic accents for any room of the house, and it’ll be the perfect place for your daughter to assert some creativity and personality into the room without sacrificing good design.

Begin by teaching her the art of a good gallery wall, showing her pictures on pinterest and letting her choose a structure to follow. Then, take her shopping at a craft store where she can pick out frames and wall hangings with which to fill her wall.

She’ll absolutely love the opportunity to design something that’s her very own, and you’ll appreciate the more artistic structure of her work with your guidance.

Don’t be afraid of color

Girls of all ages tend to be drawn towards bright, vivid colors. It’s probably not exactly your style, but when you ask her what color she wants her room to be painted, don’t be surprised if she says hot pink, purple, or lime green.

Don’t be afraid of incorporating some bright colors into this space. It’s okay to deny a bright, all-over color, but her color of choice can easily be used for accent pieces. You might paint the trim, put up wallpaper, or bring in a dresser in the color of her choice.

There are many ways to let your daughter create a beautiful landscape of color and creativity in her room without giving up full control of the decor. Let her take point, but make sure she knows you have veto power, and don’t abuse that control. You two can work together to create a room that everyone likes.