5 Interesting Tech Gadgets For RV Life

5 Interesting Tech Gadgets For RV Life

Digital device loving RVers are the types to dial in their technology before making the leap into a lifestyle that supports all of their wild adventures.

So, for those who want to get away, yet stay connected to the world and enjoy some of life’s conveniences, there are tons of useful and fun tech gadgets out there to make traveling easier. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a snowbird, telecommuter, or wanderlusting millennial. RVing life is for anyone who chooses it.

Here are five electronic devices and ideas that are sure to enhance your camping experience — unless, of course, your main goal is to disconnect entirely and go device-free. Otherwise, add these to your Christmas wish list today.

Wifi Signal Boosters

If you read RV lifestyle blogs, you’ll see that signal boosters are popular devices among the full-timer crowd. Even if you aren’t right next to a campsite’s free wifi, wifi signal boosters allow you to pick up wifi up to two miles away. They give you the ability to connect to an RV park’s wifi while creating your own secure signal.

For those who switch back and forth between Wifi and cellular, or are on a limited cellular plan, or have a bunch of people using several devices at once, signal booster/router combos can combine multiple internet sources, conserve costly cellular data consumption, and boost signal strength of free wifi. Instead of connecting each individual device to various networks, this tech gadget automatically keeps everyone online.


Many RVers still hold paper maps close to their hearts because it reminds them of days gone by. The crinkling sound of a well-used map is akin to holding an actual book in your hands to read it.

However, there’s no doubt that an RV GPS certainly makes navigation easier and does things a map can’t do, such as inform you of steep grades, weight restrictions, speed limit warnings, and campground locations and points of interest. An RV GPS is designed to keep your camper or motorhome from going places that might present a height clearance problem.

Professional RVers like Gone With The Wynns use the TripMaker RVND 7710 GPS because a standard car GPS doesn’t cut it. The easy-to-read 7-inch screen helps keep travelers “out of trouble.”

The best-selling RV GPS on Amazon is the Garmin RV 660LMT GPS because it’s affordable at around $300 and includes a backup camera. You can also filter campgrounds by preferred amenities as well as get all of the safety warnings you need to know along your route. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a navigation system, be sure to download essential apps for RVers on your phone.

Smart Home System

Millions of brick-and-mortar homeowners are accessing their homes remotely by using their phones to switch on lights, turn down the thermostat, open the garage door, and operate appliances. While they are out on a road trip in their RV, it’s easy to monitor a permanent structure with a few taps. So, it’s not surprising that RVs are now coming equipped with smart home systems that allow you to control your RV environment, such as dimming the lights, turning on the air-conditioning, and drawing the awnings.

A smart RV is a cell phone sized electronic device that tracks RV movement and will alert you via text if your RV is getting stolen, for example. It also lets you know if your battery is running low. You can share your trip with friends and your favorite destinations on Facebook and with other smart RV users.

Still, RVs are an untapped market for home automation. Technology is changing every second, and savvy RV owners are staying on top of the latest smart home technology. But the problem is when your coach breaks down on I-15 in the middle of Nevada and there’s no repairman around to fix it. If electronics break down at your house, you have access to people who can help you out and you’re not stranded on the road.

Electronic Fish Finders

For the anglers in the family, take out the guesswork of locating fish underwater with an electronic fish finder. There are Bluetooth enabled devices available that connect directly to your smartphone, designed to make it easier to see what’s biting. You attach a remote sensor to your fishing line and cast it into the water. It sends images straight to your phone or tablet to see water depth, size of fish, contour of the waterbed, forecasts, and more. A GPS-enabled fish finder adds a layer of security by marking waypoints and keeping track of productive spots and boat ramps. Even for more traditional fisherman, a fish finder still can be beneficial and provide useful information.

Solar Cookers

Once you catch that big fish you found by using an electric fish finder, it’s time to bake it in the sun using a solar oven. A portable solar cooker is a cylinder-shaped futuristic looking oven that uses the sun’s rays to cook your food. No need to start a fire or heat up your kitchen.

Appliances that serve multi purposes are popular because they save space, conserve energy, and serve various functions. You can use solar ovens as a steamer, crock pot, pressure cooker and rice maker. You can also buy add-on pans for baking. Solar power is becoming increasingly important in supporting an off-the-grid lifestyle for homeowners and RVers alike, and is a cost-effective means of power.

Innovative gadgets are as vast as the RV crowd today. Some people can’t live without them while others would rather go deep into the woods without any distractions of modern life. But why not enhance your camping experience, and keep your trip safe, efficient and fun by giving some of these a try on your next adventure!

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