5 Creative Storages For Your Home Interior

5 Creative Storages for Your Home Interior

Home clutter like cans, bottles, or unused drawers sometimes makes us feel stuffy. Furthermore, unused things can be the place for germs or animal like rats or cockroaches to live. Therefore, we often get rid without getting any idea that some of those are still beneficial.

Yes, often, the things that we do not use anymore are still beneficial for other purposes. Reuse the things can reduce the clutter from our home and are useful as unique ornaments for the home interior. Now, you can see many furniture stores or home decoration stores reuse the unwanted old things to make something new with the much better look. Instead of purchasing the new, you can follow these tips and save some budgets.

Old fridge drawer as new drawer

Before you throw your old refrigerator, actually there are some parts of them that can be reused as the place for other things like magazines or newspaper. We are often confused or have no place for putting the magazines or newspaper. Therefore, by removing the fridge drawers from the attachment and repaint it, you can get the new one. You can hang them on the wall or just let it be. It is also useful for the plates’ drawer.

Old glass bottles as a new vase

Maybe this hack is often you see anywhere. However, you can make it looks differently by grouping some bottles together. Take an unused wooden board and cut them to be about 30X5 cm, you will need 2 of them in the same size. Then, make about 4 holes in bottle lip size only for a board and let the other. Then, you need to make another 2 boards with the same length as bottles’ high and same wide with the former two. You can join the four of them to be in a rectangular shape. The last, you can place the bottles through the holes. Now you can add flowers and put the new vase in your living room.

Old mailbox as the flower pot

The flower pot can actually be made from anything. I recommend you to use the unwanted mailbox. The mailbox as the flower pot can make a vintage look. You can repaint them before if you want the new look.

Food cans as towel storage

If you have many unused cans, do not throw them right away. You can re-decorate them by joining several cans together on a board. Then, you can paint or layer them with fabrics. After they look new, you can hang them on the bathroom wall and put the clean towel into.

Jar storages for your kitchen or bathroom

You do not need many steps to do this storage hacks. Just hang the jar on the bathroom wall for the toothpaste or toothbrush place. or you can place them on the kitchen wall for the tea place or anything like spoon or fork. Hanging the storage on the wall can save more space and look your home interior being unique.

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