4 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized Communication And Behavior


Technology has always played a role in how people communicate and interact with each other. These days, cell phones, social media and the internet in general have made it easier to say what we want to who we want whenever we want. Let’s look at some specific ways that society has changed over the past several years thanks to advances in technology.

People Are Less Likely to Be Politically Correct

Online forums give people the opportunity to say what is on their mind without having to put their own name to it. This have given rise to online “trolls” or those who like to insult or demean others for the fun of it. Without the ability to put specific words to specific names, people may leave offensive, lewd, or controversial statements in comment sections or on site forums.

People Are More Likely to Find Others Who Agree With Them

These days, it is easier to find a group of people who share the same worldview that you do. In some cases, this may be beneficial as it allows people of all backgrounds to find a community that reflects their values. However, it also allows people who have extremist views to reinforce those viewpoints and have them validated by others.


For this reason, it’s more important than ever to try to bridge differences and build cooperative international communities to tamper down the clashes between societies. Some people may strive toward this purpose by completing a master’s in international relations and diplomacy and work to ease tensions through government. Others may join Facebook groups in an attempt to coordinate with others on projects that show the world that not everyone wants a divided world.

We Can See Anything From Anywhere

Drones can be used for purposes such as delivering an online order to helping with disaster relief. Each year, $6.4 billion is spent on developing drone technology around the world. While there are few formal regulations surrounding drones, it appears as if they will be become a popular tool for learning about new places without having to physically venture there.

Communicating Through Text Has Become Increasingly Popular

It used to be that you had to call to request a roofing estimate or to schedule an appointment with your favorite hairdresser. Today, you can simply send a text to the roofing company or to that hairdresser directly. We also tend to talk to our friends and other contacts through the use of emojis or GIFs as opposed to with words alone as they can sum up our feelings in a succinct manner.


Advances in technology have changed what is considered acceptable forms of communicating with and behaving around other people. While some may long for the days when we wrote letters and didn’t have social media sites, digital forms of communication are not going away. Therefore, it may be better to stop protesting and accept that nothing ever stays the same.

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