4 Strategies For Finding Your Way Out Of A Serious Financial Pickle

A financial disaster can happen to anyone, no matter how carefully you may have planned for a secure future. Illness, accidents, sudden job loss or a family emergency can leave you scrambling to find cash. There are several strategies you can employ to work your way out a financial pickle and get yourself back on track for a better future.

Liquidate or Downsize Some Assets

Your needs will depend on the size and scope of your financial problem, but liquidating or downsizing unneeded assets is a great way to free up cash. For smaller money issues, selling off collections, ATVs or jewelry can solve the problem entirely. For larger financial issues, you may need to consider downsizing your home or vehicle to a less-expensive version to save money.

Find a Creative Way to Boost Your Income

Entrepreneur magazine estimates that freelancers make up 34% of the workforce. Nearly everyone has a skill they can turn into cash, provided you think outside the box and aren’t afraid to market yourself.

Tutoring, writing, editing and designing are popular freelance opportunities for side cash, as are activities like minor car repair and detailing, home maintenance and even minor repairs to electronics or appliances. What’s easy for you may be impossible for your neighbor, so consider taking on some side work to help you with your cash flow.

Cut Some Expenses

Print out a copy of your last three bank statements and take a hard look at how you’re spending your money. Recurring payments for things you don’t use, such as gym memberships and magazine subscriptions, can be canceled. If you eat out a lot or are addicted to expensive coffee, cut your spending. Look carefully at your food and entertainment expenses, as there are usually ways to cut some of these back and save yourself some money to apply to your current crisis.

Simplify Your Repayments

If you’re paying off some cosmetic dentistry, a few credit cards and a personal loan, it may save you money to roll them all into one payment per month. This is especially true if you qualify for a lower interest rate than what you’re paying now. Review your options from places like American Cash Advance and Title Loan carefully before signing for a new loan or line of credit, but don’t dismiss this idea before giving it full consideration as the savings can really rack up.

A financial crisis can take its toll on your life, but there are ways to work out of the current problem and get back on the right track. These tips will help you out of your current pickle and set up for a successful future.

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