4 Interesting Facts about Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is one of the card games that involve 2 to 6 players. Every player pays a fixed entry fee to enter the rummy table. This fee is utilized to create the Prize Pool. The game includes 2 or more decks of 54 cards each (with a printed joker per pack). 13 cards are randomly dealt to each player. A toss is done to decide the player who will make the first move. From the closed deck, the first card is placed on the open deck to start the game. The rest of the cards remain face-down in the closed deck.

The objective of a player of pool rummy is to arrange all the cards in hand into appropriate sets and sequences. Each player takes turn to pick or discard a card from the open or closed deck to meet this objective. The Joker card is picked randomly at the very start of the 13 card rummy game and more than one joker can be used to replace regular cards to complete sequences/sets. Ace card of any suit can also be used as a joker.

  1. Pool Rummy Rules to Know

When it is the turn of a player, he/she can pick a card from closed or open deck. To complete a move, the person should pick and discard a card.

  • If people wish to play rummy online, they must make their move within the allotted time. In case the card is not picked and discarded in a given time, then the turn is counted as a missed move.
  • If the player misses out his/her turn consecutively 3 times, then he/she is dropped from the game, and receives a middle drop score that is 50 or 40 points, depending on the format of the game (either 201 or 101 pool).
  • The rummy patti game continues with the other players. If only two players were playing the game, the one who stayed on the table, is considered the winner.
  1. Cards from Open and Closed Deck

The cards that are discarded by players show up under the open cards. The open cards deck will contain all the cards, which are present in the open deck slot. The joker is the first open card in the slot. If a player discards a Joker, then the rival cannot pick this card. If all the cards from the closed deck are over, then the open deck is reshuffled and used as closed deck. A face-up card will be present in the open deck slot, and this is how the online rummy game continues.

  1. How to Score in Pool Rummy?

The winner gets zero points because the aim of the game is to make valid sequences and sets to minimize the points in hand. The loser gets points according to cards in his/her hand. In a 6-player table, the player who finishes without meeting the aim of ultimate rummy receives 80 points. All other cards carry the points as that of the number printed on them. For instance 5 will carry 5 points, 2 will carry 2 points, and henceforth. Ace, Jack, King, and Queen each cost 10 points. The more the number of points, greater is the loss.

  1. How to Finish a Pool Rummy Game?

The player can move a card to the finish slot in order to declare the game and show his/her hand. To end the game, the person must have at least two sequences. Declaring the game is a must. Two sequences are compulsory; one of these must be pure.

  • Sets can be made in Indian rummy, but it is not mandatory. With 2 decks, the player cannot utilize the same card more than once in a set.
  • For instance two fives of spade and a 5 of heart, is not a valid set. Each player has to declare and show the sequences and sets in hand, within the allotted time.
  • In case a player fails to do so, he/she is dropped from the game, and awarded 80 points. The game goes on until a winner declares.

The above-given rules and tips to play pool rummy will help you to know the game and play the same. Now, you can play rummy on Khelplay Rummy website. Download the android or iOS app on your mobile phone or simply login to your account from your device on the website.