10 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Online Learning App

Creativity is something which a person can get only by birth. However, person’s efforts decide either its creativity improves from his birth or not. In ancient time there were only a few things a person could do to improve his or her creativity. The best way of improving the creativity back in that day is the paintings and arts. People used to take participate in the artistic activities which not only improve their creativity but also serve as their source of income just like today’s writer provides accounting essays services to earn from their writing skills.

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Referring to the online services, technology has become one of the best sources of improving the creativity. Most of it, online learning apps are helping everyone in making them more creative than ever. These learning apps with their several features which are construct by considering all the aspects that improve the creativity in the person. Following are the top ten ways through which you can grow your creativity using online learning app.

  1. Blogging Apps:

Blogs are the best way of developing the skills of creative thinking and writing. Blogging apps are not only meant for reading but being a user; you can also publish your own written blogs. Writing is one of the best ways of improving creativity. Writing is also one of the most ancient ways of polishing your god gifted creativity and improving it.

  1. Cartoony learning apps:

For the young learners, it is important to expose them to online learning apps because this is the future of world education. The best apps for the young kids and young learners are the cartoony learning apps. These apps teach a lot of different topics related to different subjects to the young user through cartoons. It develops their interest in the app and increases their focus tendency which is important to develop creativity.

  1. Brainstorming Apps:

Every business in which the employees need to be creative does brainstorming to find the creative solution of the problem. If you do not belong to this sort of business or you want to do some more brainstorming sessions, then some online learning apps can help you in this. These apps create a virtual environment of the brainstorming sessions which help you in discussing the creative solutions with the AI bots.

  1. Infographics:

Infographics are the most incredible way of gaining information. According to some people, the more knowledge you gain, the more creative, solutions you could think of your problems. To gain knowledge, infographic based learning apps are the best source. The reason of this is that these apps present the information regarding different topics in a very artistic manner which does not keep you interested in the app but also provides you with a substantial amount of information and knowledge in very less time.

  1. Video Based Apps:

According to research, a human brain learn better when he or she sees something from his eyes. That is why many video based apps can help you in gaining the knowledge which is essential to improve your creativity. These video based learning apps provide you hundreds of videos based on different topics which are important for your knowledge and the growth of your creativity. These apps prepare you for the future and help you in finding the creative solution of your problems.

  1. Audio Book Apps:

Books are the best source of education. Being a writer, I know the importance of the book in one’s life, but I also admit that reading the book of hundreds of pages is not an easy task in today’s fast life. We all know the importance of a book that is why there are many audiobook apps available online from which you can listen to your favorite book even while driving a car and can improve your knowledge and creativity. Moreover, more and more writers are now also launching their books in electronic and audio based format to grow their number of readers which is great for the people like us who now have an opportunity thanks to learning apps to grow our creativity by apps.

  1. Storytelling Apps:Blogging GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Just like the audio book apps are for the adults who like to read books but cannot read it because of their saturated schedule, the storytelling apps are for those young learners who cannot read the stories due to a hectic schedule. These storytelling apps can take your kids to the world of fantasies in which they will find different creatively engineered things. Through this, the kid can also develop the skill of storytelling and will help them to think creatively like no one else. These are some things which a kid cannot learn in the schools that is why these online learning apps are handy because these are growing the creativity, not the knowledge which fades out with time.

  1. Games:

Who would have thought before these apps that the games can be the source of the creative development of a person. People used to think that games are only for the entertainment purposes and the time waste for some people. But now the developers are making the games which are improving the abilities and skills like decision making, responsiveness, focus on a person who is crucial for creativity growth.

  1. Virtual Apps:

Virtual reality is one of the biggest technological phenomena of this era. Most of it, with the help of the VR gadgets, there are many apps which can take you in an entirely virtual app where you can do the things which you cannot do here. Such liberty and the power is great for the growth of the creativity because you are doing out of the box things in the virtual world which is not possible in the real world.

  1. Digital Art Apps:

As I mentioned above that art and painting was the major source of creativity growth in the ancient time. This still applies, but only the medium has changed. Instead of the sketchbooks and the paint brushes, now you can do painting directly on your smartphones and tablets by using the digital art apps which can become the reason of creativity growth.

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Alicia Wills is a teacher by profession but is also a tech nerd. She has been in the teaching profession for long and has seen the ways education has transformed from traditional to more computerized methods. You can follow her on Essay Help  for updates also on her social media channels.

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