Things to Know Around the House

So let’s set the scene here; everything’s going well setting up for your first summer barbeque this weekend when all of a sudden, (insert disaster here). Whether it’s a simple drain clog or a pipe burst in the basement, these issues love to pop up at the most inconvenient moments, and we’ve certainly all been there before. Here are a few things to know to help you avoid that next mishap in time.

Leaky Roof

An often overlooked aspect of any home, the roof is one which isn’t a problem until it is one for most people. Most homeowners couldn’t tell you just how old their roof is until a massive storm of rain deluge, and then all of a sudden it’s “too old.” A proactive homeowner would do some research and find out the last time the roof was redone, and either investigate yourself or bring in a professional to survey your quality as well.

Asphalt shingles are super easy to replace yourself, so that’s definitely one way to cut cost for those capable of making their own repairs or improvements. When it comes to other types of roofs, from terracotta to metal to everything in between, those can be more tricky so definitely be sure to know what you’re doing before getting involved. At the end of the day, if you’re not one for heights or worry about doing it correctly, there are plenty of professional roofers out there who would be happy to assist you.

Basic Plumbing

Now I’m not suggesting you go ripping your whole house apart and replacing all your old cast iron pipes with brand new PVC, but for the more savvy home handyman that’s likely already underway. A few basic things you should know about plumbing can involve everything from how to properly plunge a toilet to common fixes for unexpected plumbing problems. A favorite tool of mine has become the sharkbite, as it makes it super simple to fix broken pipes.

Just last month, I had a nasty leak spring up in the crawl space. In the past, this would have meant needing cut full sections of pipe out of the cramped crawlspace and sweat pipes back together. With the convenient development of the sharkbite, it’s become easier than ever to cut a smaller section of pipe out and replace with PVC. For those of us lucky enough to have purchased a newly built home, especially one from a reputable builder or remodeler, these problems are alleviated so that’s definitely a plus!

Stain Removal

There are plenty of at-home hacks involving everything from baking soda to lemon juice for specific stains which you’ll incur on a daily basis. As we all know the dry cleaners can be expensive, so knowing how to deal with some of the more common at-home stains yourself can go a long way to saving yourself down the line. It’s important to keep a handy list like this one on hand for quick stain removal; the last thing you want on a Friday night is a giant red-wine stain on that new white shirt, so keep some of these committed to memory if you can!

Just look at more professional services, as especially those dealing in uniform supply need to be able to deal with all kinds of cleaning without damaging their uniforms and materials. These services have taken many cues from older methods, and baking soda definitely seems to be a favorite among the crowd!

For all these issues and more, it’s important to be proactive and try to learn about these situations before you find yourself smack in the middle of an inconvenient one. Doing a little bit of research beforehand can go a long way towards being prepared for the unfortunate!

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