Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas

Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas

What’s on your holiday shopping list for family and friends this year? If you are like most people, then you probably find it challenging to buy everyone something they will love.

One of the best ways to find a gift that just about anyone will enjoy is to give something useful. Check out these foolproof practical gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Practical ideas

The benefit of getting a practical gift is that it is something that anyone can put to good use, and unlike other gifts, it will stand the test of time. When it comes to thinking of practical ideas that will wow your friends and family, try to think of what they don’t already own.

Gift cards and money

Everyone loves a gift card to their favorite store, because it is practically money in their pocket to use when selecting their gift of choice. If cash and checks aren’t your style for giving money, then you might like to give a prepaid debit card.

On-the-go items

Most people are busy in their everyday life and want useful products that save time and provide comfort while rushing from one place to the next. Nothing is as nice during a long work commute in winter as an electric blanket for the car.

An insulated lunch box or cooler with a sleek design is excellent for those who bring their lunch or take frequent road trips. Mini umbrellas that fit in a desk drawer make a great gift for someone always getting caught in the rain.

Tech gadgets

There’s a tech gadget for just about everyone. Household digital assistants that allow you to ask a question, play music and control smart home devices hands-free are among the hottest gifts this year.

A portable battery charger is a universal gift, since it eliminates the need to untangle cords every time you charge your phone. Wearable devices can monitor your health and help you stay in shape. Don’t forget that an external hard drive, which allows you to store music, photos and files, is useful to anyone who owns a computer.

Kitchen tools

Some of the coolest kitchen gadgets this year are new types of cookers. Multi-use air cookers are one of the items on everyone’s list. Copper pans and bake mats are great for any kitchen, while silicone sponges are an ingenious way to keep germs away.

From cold brew makers to reusable pods, there are plenty of coffee-making devices to choose from. Tea drinkers will appreciate an electric kettle, which can also be used to heat up cold brew coffee concentrate on chilly days.

Toiletries and travel products

Skip perfume and scented products, which are a matter of personal taste and often trigger allergies. Instead, opt for a sleek new multi-pouch toiletries bag, sleep mask and earplugs set, or packing organizer bags. Help loved ones keep their bathroom tidy and stylish with a hair tool and appliance organizer or LED-lit magnifying mirror.


Board games are classic gifts, and there are many new styles of games for every generation. When you give board games, you are providing a fun activity for the whole family to participate in while gathered together. Playing board games might become a new holiday tradition.

Experiences and activities

If you are buying gifts for adventurers, consider booking a group escape room event, theme park trip or fishing adventure. For outdoorsy types, give useful camping gear, a set of flashlights and lanterns, reflective clothing markers or a nice first aid kit.

Does someone on your list have a favorite sports team, movie, musician or artist? Look into buying tickets to the next game, movie or concert. If that’s not an option, you can likely find apparel sold online for just about any kind of fan.

Where to buy

Shopping online can take some of the stress out of holiday gift buying. You can skip the lines and buy everything from the comfort of home. Check out online stores that carry everything you need. has many great choices from a range of products, including tech gadgets, kitchen tools, fitness items and home decor.

Large retail stores are an option for holiday gift shopping if you don’t mind the crowds. Do your research and you can find specials and discounts on certain products. To get the best deals, you have to compare prices at several stores, clip coupons, shop early, and typically stand in long lines to check out.

From high-tech gadgets to hands-on board games, there are many excellent gift ideas to choose from. With this gift guide in mind, you will be the hero this holiday season when you bring gifts that your friends and family will find practical and cool.