How to Remodel Your Living Room with Designer Wall Tiles

If you are planning a living room overhaul, designer wall tiles could be just what you are looking for. They can give a room character and warmth that is hard to replicate with any other material. They also address one of the most neglected areas in the living room – the walls.

Think about it. The walls occupy the largest space of in room. Yet, we rarely think of decorating them! Tiles, especially designer wall tiles are the perfect medium. They give your walls a touch of class and flair with almost no effort on your part. But you must get it right. So, read our tips on how to use the wall tiles for your living room.

Tile the fireplace: This is the easiest and safest shortcut to follow. If you are unsure of covering entire wall/walls with tiles, just pick a prominent spot like a fireplace. It should be central and big enough to catch the eye. You must also make it dramatic enough to stand on its own against the wall.

Try wainscoting: Another paneling trick is to try wainscoting. It is unexpected in most modern homes and can be used to showcase a wide range of designer tiles. It is discreet, yet prominent enough to catch the eye. Again, try a contrasting pattern, colour or style.

Play with patterns: This is slightly tricky to pull off, but when done right it’s hard to rival. Use different patterns such as streaks, dappled, plain. The resultant mishmash is hard to define and even harder to ignore! However, it is safer to go with natural stone patterns here, rather than a mishmash of tile designs, which rarely works and can be totally jarring. If you want to try them out before putting them on the wall, lay out the tiles on the ground in a rough pattern. This will give you a better idea of how to bring them together later on.

Mix your style: Remember there are no hard and fast rules here. So, even if we say that your tile selection should go with the overall decor style, do not be afraid to experiment. A contrasting style often works wonders. For instance, classical Turkish style in a stark modern home provides a pop of colour. Similarly, a wall of stark white tiles in a classical decor can work as a good balancing counterpoint.

Play with textures: Look for tiles with a different texture, such as glass or wood look tiles. These are rare enough to give a room that special character, while the wide range in designer tiles today will help you in picking up a tile that fits your room.

Mix your sizes: Although large designer wall tiles are the norm when it comes to the living room, don’t hesitate to mix up different sizes. For instance, natural stone tiles like travertine or marble carry natural patterns. By choosing different sizes you get an interesting mix. You can even create a funky mosaic pattern! Use the tip given before: lay out your tiles on the ground and then take a picture. Not only will it help you nail the look, it can also help your contractor to understand what you are looking for.

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