Elegance for Men

Presenting an elegant figure is a challenge for men, sometimes. We’re often taught to be a bullish, powerful figure, whether that’s at work or in our leisure time, but if that’s not your style – if you’re more of a Niles Crane than a Bulldog Briscoe – it can be difficult to look around for inspiration. It’s even harder if you need to shed your usual image for a single evening to meet the demands of a work commitment suddenly requiring a suit, or an upmarket party.

Today we’re presenting you with a bit inspiration about embracing your inner Niles and adding some elegance to your life!


If you need to cut a smart figure for a night, getting the shoes right is one of the most important things to do. They affect your stance and gait, and the wrong choice can undo an otherwise smart outfit!

For most events a pair of leather Oxford shoes will fit the bill – traditional black leather ‘smart’ shoes. They may not be the most comfortable pair initially, but if you build in a little ‘breaking in’ time you’ll find they’ll fit you perfectly when the time comes for the big event.

For some occasions, you may wish to invest in a pair of brogues – for summer events, or to add a little flair to a grey or navy suit. These may make you stand out a little more, so think about whether that’s what you want to do.


One great way to instil a sense of elegance is to get one or two luxurious accessories that remind you of the role you need to fill. A cologne shaker filled with scent doesn’t just help you get ready, it reminds you of the role you’re filling that evening. Similarly, adding a pocket square to your suit helps you stand out a little, and projects elegant, slightly dandified image that you’re seeking.

Dressing the Part

When you’re aiming to be a more elegant man dressing the part is vital. If you don’t have the budget to shop for tailored suits (and who does!), styling up what you do have access to is the way to cut a dapper figure. Adding a colourful or highly patterned shirt to a plain suit is a good way to make sure you’re a memorable figure, and perhaps a more stylish one than people might have been expecting!

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