ditch the car for a bike

Ditch the Car — Hop on a Bike

Has your daily commute lost the romance? Is the routine of getting in your car, sitting in traffic for what seems like hours and paying for gas becoming a burden? If so, it might be time to trade out your four wheels for two (bike wheels, that is). A bicycle can be a sleek and effective way to get around town. Here are a few reasons why should consider making a bike your primary mode of transportation.

1. Save money

Cars are expensive. Even if you find one used in good condition, you have to pay a lot of money to maintain it. From insurance to loan payments to gasoline, cars are investments. With a bike, the payments pretty much stop once you have all your supplies. Sure, you might need the occasional tune-up, but that’s much less than what you would pay for getting your car fixed. Just make sure you are following all laws: a bicycle DUI is just as dangerous and prosecutable as one in a car and could come with a hefty fine.

2. Get in shape

Biking provides a great cardiovascular workout and is a great way to tone your legs. When you start your day with exercise, you also have an opportunity to sharpen your mind and think about what the day will bring. Plus, if it’s hard for you to wake up, you should be feeling better after the first mile.

3. De-stress

Spending so much time crammed in a car on a congested highway can do a number on the psyche. Trying to make your exit in time, getting stuck behind slow drivers, and hearing honks in every direction are all frustrating realities for commuters. With a bike, you can enjoy the scenic route. If your city has designated bike lanes, you can coast along relatively freely.

4. Encourage others

You might feel a bit strange taking up bike-riding, particularly if no one else in your social group does. However, you can be an inspiring catalyst for change by doing so. If they see you riding a bike and extolling the benefits, they could very well feel encouraged to take up the practice themselves. Soon enough, you might find that everyone else in town is riding their bike instead of driving. (Okay, probably not, but even getting one more person to change their lifestyle can make a difference — for both them and the environment.)

Riding a bike is a great pleasure that doesn’t need to be reserved for weekends or holidays. If the weather is cooperating and you have two air-filled tires, then why not take your bike out for a spin? Don’t worry if you can’t quite remember how to do it; it’s like riding a bicycle.


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