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Look Younger and Feel Confident with Dermal Fillers Glasgow

It happens to everyone. One day you’re in your 20s, fresh face and partying without hangovers. The next, these parties have left an imprint on your face. While there is no shame in having wrinkles – they are, after all, the stories of our lives written on the pages of our faces – there is also no shame in wanting to look a little more youthful than you may actually be.

In step dermal fillers Glasgow. Dermal fillers are injections of either naturally-derived or synthetic material that is directly injected into targeted areas with the purpose of plumping up that area until the wrinkle, fold, or depression is gone. The time this last for depends on the filler, but the effects can last from anywhere between six months to two years; semi-permanent or permanent fillers can last even longer, with reports of results lasting for up to five years.

How Dermal Fillers Glasgow Work

As stated, dermal fillers Glasgow work by targeting areas where there are existing wrinkles, fold, or depressions that the patient wishes to reduce. These areas are then injected with either synthetic or naturally-derived fillers that work to aid volume beneath the targeted areas until the offending blemish has been reduced or removed entirely.

Dermal fillers should not be confused with Botox. Botox is a neurotoxin derived from a bacterium (Clostridium botulinum). It aims to freeze muscles in place to reduce the pull on specific areas of the face and neck to reduce wrinkles. Although both treatments involve injections, they work in vastly different ways. Botox has nothing to do with producing a plumping effect, unlike dermal fillers Glasgow.

Due to the fact that they work in different fashions, many people opt to get both Botox and dermal filler Glasgow treatments. This combination can produce a remarkably younger looking face.

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Synthetic vs Natural Dermal Fillers Glasgow

There are two main groups for the injection material for dermal fillers Glasgow: synthetic and natural.

Fillers derived from natural sources – the most common being hyaluronic acid – have a far smaller risk of causing any kind of reaction, allergic or otherwise, amongst patience, but reactions can still occur. Results are immediate but have a shorter lifespan than synthetic options, often between 3 and 18 months, because the filler breaks down. Once the dermal fillers Glasgow break down, a patient will need to get another injection to maintain the results. As a consequence, people who choose the natural dermal fillers often go for another top up injection within the year.

Synthetic dermal fillers Glasgow last much longer than their naturally derived counterparts and are considered semi-permanent, though there is a school of thought that would call them permanent as they do not generally dissipate. Wrinkles, folds, or depressions only return as your face ages further or gains further damage through exposure to sun, wind, or any other damaging factor. As with all fillers, synthetics have their risks. The problems are similar in nature to the naturally derived dermal fillers Glasgow, but as synthetics are permanent/semi-permanent, so too are any problems that arise. This may also make them more difficult to correct or reverse.

If you are considering getting dermal fillers Glasgow, always go to an accredited dermal filler doctor for a consultation first. They will explain to you your options and which is best for you. Never go to an unlicensed clinic, as your health is not something that should be dealt with lightly.