7 Office Hacks To Boost Employee Productivity

7 Office Hacks To Boost Employee Productivity

Would you like to go to an office which reminds you of your horrendous school days?  Definitely not, we’re sure of that!

Similarly, your employees also hate the idea of feeling like they are in school and constantly awaiting the impending doom of after-school detention.

This has a significant positive impact on your employee’s productivity and overall office ambience, after all.

Here’s what you’ve got to do in order to encourage a productive work atmosphere that your employees will love:

#1. Layout:

Space is one key aspect that an employer should be concerned about in his office premises. A comfortable spot to work in is what all employees desire. Speaking of comfortable, it includes sufficient leg space, a chair which gives your back some amount of rest and the right seating posture.

Apart from this, it is important to design a layout which provides security to your office. You must ensure that your office has fire exit spots in case of emergency. For this purpose, you can install fire doors for an emergency rescue. But ensure that you’re consulting the best service provider to carry out this task. Possibly, one that is experienced and can suggest suitable options according to your space.

#2. Allow use of Headphones

Well, when you hear this for the first time, it may sound weird to you but you must definitely try this in your office. Plus, there are several good reasons to do this. At times, music helps your team perform the best of their ability and you will have those tunes to thank for.

Especially, for all those working in the creative field, they need inspiration and this undoubtedly is a good source. They are motivated to meet tough deadlines. We’ll let you in on a secret-  some workplaces consider headphones as an employee’s best friend.

Although listening to music on high volume can be harmful to your ears and can be an obstacle in the communication process, listening to it at lower volume will do no harm to anyone. In fact, employees can work at a faster pace and concentrate on the task at hand.

#3. Indoor Plants

Employees are likely to be indoors all day long. This means that they lose company of nature and the special bond they share with it. Indoor plants are one of the most effective ways to keep this bond intact.

Besides, employees get fresh air to breathe in which in turn reduces their stress level. Such an ambience results in better mental health of employees as they stay in better mood and are less likely to be depressed.

However, it is advised to have plants which require less sunlight as there is almost no sunlight inside the office.

#4. Set the Right Temperature

A dull and hot temperature can have a negative impact on people’s mind and body. So, it is better to have a steady temperature across the room depending upon the space and number of people in it.

You can install a radiator or thermostat which can set specific temperature depending upon the outside weather and the space. However, you can change it as per your convenience as and when required.

#5. Set up some Private Space

Every employee requires some personal space in the entire day. It may be due to personal or professional stress. Offering your employees some space wherein they can relax and de-clutter their mind is one good way to refresh.

A simple couch in the room along with a coffee table and some indoor games will do wonders to lift the spirits of your employees. You can create a sound proof room so that employees feel secure and are able to release stress. Employees can also come at this spot to brainstorm or for any other discussion which requires analysis.

#6. Workplace Personalisation

Adding a personal touch to your desk brings a sense of belongingness to it. Employees feel at home when they have their personal coffee mug or pen stand on their desk. Providing desk with a bulletin board where they can stick their personal and workplace photos can also add an essence of personalisation.

Your staff may love to sit at one particular spot, but every once a while shifting places can also bring new spark in their mundane routine.

#7. Slipper! Slipper!

Workplace is definitely formal with polished shoes for men and high stilettos for women. But, employees do not necessarily have to wear them all day long because it is not healthy, as their feet need to breathe too. You can allow employees to keep an extra pair of slippers at office and wear them whenever they feel like.

Obviously, if you have a client walking in or an important meeting to go to, then they ought to be in complete formal attire including their footwear, but they can surely skip it on other days.

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