It can be quite devastating to have your home broken into by thieves. You have worked hard to purchase your possessions and some of them may even have sentimental value that money can never buy. Having a stranger break into your home can also shatter your family’s idea of security. It is a traumatising event that may be difficult to overcome and forget.

On the other hand, you will be delighted to know that unwanted situations like these can be prevented. Whether it’s installing security screens or opting for a techy option like mounting security cameras, there is always something you can do make a huge difference on your home’s security. There are inexpensive security options available in the market, and at the same time, there are also some that may require you to spend more. However, when it comes to your family’s peace of mind, it is only reasonable to invest on home security. To help you avoid break-ins and to increase the security of your home, take a look at our list of essential items you must have in protecting your abode.

Deadbolt Locks
A big percentage of robberies credit their success to a home’s weak locks and weak resistance. Intruders take advantage of this weakness, easily breaking into houses. Instead of having regular locks on your doors, opt for deadbolts as they offer better protection. Deadbolts tend to be stronger and thicker. Moreover, they can resist a great amount of pressure or abuse. Having one can frustrate intruders as they can’t open it using a simple credit card.

If you want to enhance the strength of your existing locks, you can replace the strike and then mount an additional metal plate on the door where you can slide the bolt into. If you want, you can use large screws to replace the short mounting screws, reaching the studs of the door. Doing so will enhance the strength of the door frame and it can even frustrate intruders attempting to break through.

Security Screen Doors and Windows
Most people do not relate security with screen doors or windows. They only think that the only purpose of screens is to block insects from entering their home. However, there are highly durable security screens which you can have installed on your windows and doors. During summer season when the weather’s hot, you may want to open the door and let fresh air in. Security screen doors and windows are ideal for those who want their doors and windows open and yet want some degree of protection against intruders. Most of the time, when intruders see that you have security screen doors or windows, they will just walk away and think that it’s not worth the effort.

Surveillance Cameras
If you want to be aware of what is happening around your home, you should install security cameras. If thieves attempt to break into your house, you will be able to react appropriately and call the police immediately. Aside from alarming you when an intrusion happens, you will be able to have a visual documentation of the intruder which you can use later on. You have several options when it comes to surveillance cameras for the home.

If you go online, you will find surveillance cameras that can be controlled using your smartphone. When the cameras detect any unwanted activity, you will be notified through your mobile phone. This is an ideal way of protecting your home when you’re on a vacation or even when you’re just at work. You can be anywhere in the world and still provide security for your abode.

Home Alarm Systems
When a break-in happens, the first minute is very crucial. Your fate lies on how well you react to the situation. Now, thieves never advise in advance that they will come and break into your house so it is difficult to tell how you will respond to such situation. One of the best ways to protect you during this unexpected circumstance is by having an alarm system installed in your house. If an attempt on breaking the locks happens, you will hear a startling sound that will inform you to go to a secure place and call for help. If you are not inside your home, the system will automatically contact authorities so they can check your home as soon as possible.

Some thieves will cut the power lines before they even attempt to break in. Wired home alarm systems may not be ideal in this situation as its backup power tends to run out quickly. In this case, your best option would be wireless home alarm systems. Since this option is powered by batteries, whether you have electricity or not, it will still efficiently function.

Motion Detectors
By having motion detectors installed, you can discourage thieves from breaking into your home. There are sensors you can install on your doors and windows. When intruders touch the doors or windows and try to enter your house, the sensors will produce alarming sounds. There are also motion detector lights that will turn on when people or animals walk by your property. Try to find models with customisable range and sensitivity. This will stop the lights from turning on every time an animal walks by your property. The more lights you have on your property, the less likely that an intruder will attempt to break into your home.

There you have it! Five essential items you can have to protect your home, your family and your possessions. When you have a reliable home security system, you will feel at ease and be confident that you are safe all the time.


Photo Credit: futureatlas (Flickr)